On July 4, 6, and 7, 2005, Alice Parman was a participant in a workshop organized by the Chamber of Architects of Turkey, in conjunction with the XXII World Congress of Architecture held in Istanbul. Along with her husband John Zerzan (a panelist at the culminating July 7 session), Alice played an active role in chat room discussions leading to preparation of the Chamber’s recommendations for a Manifesto to come out of the Congress. The workshop, entitled We Are Searching: Architectures, Architecture, Architect , was organized by Dr. Sumer Gurel, professor emeritus of planning at Istanbul Technical University, his colleague Professor Kubilay Onal, organizing secretary Aliya Ahu Gulumser, and other Chamber members

Alice read this statement at the July 6 chat room; the document became part of the written record of the workshop.

A grandmother’s challenge to architects

by Alice Parman

REFUSE TO CREATE VERTICAL CHICKEN COOPS—apartments and offices—that isolate people into boxes and prevent them from being neighbors.

REFUSE TO CREATE FORTRESSES where rich people barricade themselves, cowering in fear, while their lonely children desperately seek friendship, play, and imagination through media. (Rich kids—including the children of architects—don’t play anymore; they are condemned to virtual experience.)

PRESERVE AND RESTORE SAFE OPEN SPACES where children can play under the eyes of their parents and grandparents; where families and neighbors can gather and stroll, many generations together, in safety, pleasure, and beauty.

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