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San Francisco’s Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender (GLBT) Historical Society was at a crossroads, faced with challenging and vitally important decisions, when the Society retained Alice to facilitate a crucial board planning session. She worked with the executive committee to develop the meeting agenda, captured the proceedings on newsprint pages, and wrote comprehensive meeting notes for distribution. An interim action plan, based on analysis and recommendations, was another outcome of this consultation.

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Meeting agenda and selections from meeting notes:

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Meeting notes:

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Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Historical Society

Strategic Planning Meeting
Board of Directors and Stakeholders
Sunday, March 14, 2004

9:30 a.m




What is special and unique about the GLBT HS?

Review mission


Overview of current financial picture: Daniel Boa

Review organizational priorities (see excerpt from 9/21/03 board minutes, below)

  • Any additions or corrections?
  • Are these priorities in the right order?




SWOT analysis

  • Organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Environmental opportunities and threats

12:15 p.m.



Review three options for GLBT HS (see excerpt from 1/18/04 board minutes, below)

  • What additional options can we envision?
  • Determine criteria for evaluating these options


Examine each option in turn.

  • Brainstorm pluses and minuses of each
  • Evaluate each option in light of
    • GLBT HS mission
    • Organizational priorities




Continue examination of options


Develop a consensus-based statement of intent that:

  • summarizes agreed-upon goals, objectives, action items, and
  • sets an agenda for research and decision-making concerning unresolved issues.



ORGANIZATIONAL PRIORITIES (from 9/21/03 board minutes)

“Organizational priorities during the upcoming period of reduced staff and funding were determined to be as follows:

  1. Keep the archives/collection together and intact. Ensure its preservation.
  2. Keep museum project alive and gallery open. Continue working to build the museum.
  3. Continued development on three fronts: work to increase membership numbers, capital contributions and general donations.
  4. Build as broad a membership base as possible.
  5. Keep archives accessible in some to-be-determined manner.”

OPTIONS (from 1/18/04 board minutes)

“We reviewed and discussed our stated mission as a prelude to our discussion of the important issues facing the organization. We have a systemic problem in that we are unable to meet our expenses. It was clarified that the museum project should not detract from the importance of the archives. The archives are the heart of our institution and the museum is the sizzle

“At present we have three options; we can raise income, reduce expenses or affiliate with another institution…Our largest expense is rent, there is really nothing else to be cut at present… ”

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