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Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum

Before and After images
with the Executive Director's comments:

Alaska Airlines Exhibit


The old philosophy of aviation museums was parking aircraft with placards telling visitors the vital statistics of the aircraft (size, horsepower, carrying capacity, etc) and a brief history of that particular airframe. Not much about the human story behind the aircraft.


Our new approach to exhibits involves using the "artifact" to tell the human story that surrounds the aircraft and its use. The environment is more immersive and provides the visitor with the personal link(s) to the hardware or the company.

Military Expeditions Exhibit


The old approach of generic exhibit cases with sterile data labels. Some personal information but not very engaging.



Using the Jamesway Huts for exhibit cases helps the visitors step back in time and engage with the personal artifacts and the stories they tell. It provides an experience for visitors with a little mystery or discovery involved; "That looks interesting. I wonder what's inside there?"

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